The nice folks at the Hydraulic Press Channel were kind enough to crush some of our giant sapphires.  They have a new high-speed camera which works really well - see what happens when our giant crystals meet an unstoppable force.

Check out the big clear sapphires here!  


Hedron, the Gem Dice Faceting Master, just finished cutting one of our laser Christmas Garnets.  It's pretty amazing, he did an incredible job.

Check out this red and green gem in our store!

Featured on

The team invited us to come to their headquarters and make a video!  This was a ton of fun, and we got to show off a lot of our exotic crystals and gemstones.

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We have just launched our new store, click here to see it at!


Welcome! At Turtle's Hoard, we sell upcycled scientific crystals - rare materials grown for lasers, computer chips, PET scanners, and other scientific equipment. Some crystals served out their full lifespan working as an industrial laser, others never quite made the cut as medical grade - either way, they've got a new life as gems now!

Because these crystals have extremely unusual properties, the gems cut from them have unique appearances you can't get in natural stones. If you want a stone that changes color, glows in the dark, or splits light into a million rainbows, we have you covered!


Our business (and scientific gems) were recently featured on NPR's Marketplace segment! These rare and exotic crystals are finally getting their time in the spotlight!

Watch for our newest gems!


We post regular updates on Instagram or Tiktok about these exotic crystals, and you can also click here for more information about some of their properties and uses.

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Turtle's Hoard is our shop which focuses on rare and exotic lab made crystals. 

We have gem rough, finished jewelry, and loose faceted stones.

Want natural Stones?

Angry Turtle is our shop which focuses on finished jewelry, made from raw crystals, fossils, and natural stones.  If you want wire wraps, this is the place.

Thanks for seeing us at Tucson

We had a ton of fun selling at the 22nd Street Show this year, and expect to be there again in 2024.  Thanks for everyone who came by to meet us in person - we're looking forward to seeing you next time!